On the 20th October 2018, WERKS was chosen as the only Swedish member of Greenlane – the leading network for law firms specialising in customs and trade law. WERKS’ adherence to Greenlane is an acknowledgement of the great enthusiasm shown by our customs and trade law-team from day one.

The Swedish Customs Agency cooperates with other European customs agencies when determining e.g. customs fees for European companies. Through our membership in Greenlane, we have the possibility of collaborating internationally with other law firms in these cases. Furthermore, Greenlane provides us with an even greater possibility of keeping ourselves updated on case law within EU customs and trade law as well as providing a forum for exchanging experiences with other specialists within these fields of law.

Through our membership in Greenlane, we are able to collaborate with top tier customs lawyers in EU, Asia and the United States, and thereby provide our clients with legal representation in several different jurisdictions.


WERKS is a business law firm based in Gothenburg. We have the ambition of being the leading firm within our areas of expertise. In order to achieve this, we have two pillars which we never deviate from. The first is to always deliver legal services of the highest quality possible. The second is to build a law firm that characterised by dedication and team spirit.

Even if we are not actively looking to expand our team, WERKS is always on the look-out for talented lawyers. You are welcome to send us a spontaneous application or contact Camilla Andersson questions.

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